PODCAST: Bucks Drafting MarJon Beauchamp Is A Pick For The Future

Milwaukee Bucks drafted for the future last night. Charlie recaps the NBA Draft for the Milwaukee Bucks. He explains why the Bucks were forward-thinking versus looking in the right now. Charlie goes in on what MarJon Beauchamp can do for the Bucks this year and

PODCAST: Drafting The Bucks’ Best Options At The 24th Pick

Charlie & Mitch draft their best options for the Milwaukee Bucks for this year’s NBA Draft. The boys go back and forth with some of the best options at 24. They looked at countless mock drafts, and scouting reports and are ready to help Jon

PODCAST: Bucks’ Best & Worst Case Scenarios For the NBA Draft

Charlie has the Monday edition of The Daily Tap where he’s talking about the best and worst-case scenarios for the Milwaukee Bucks for the NBA Draft on Thursday night. Charlie discusses what he thinks would be the best moves for the Bucks as well as

PODCAST: Bucks Pass The Championship Torch to Golden State; What Comes Next?

Charlie is back for the final edition this week of The Daily Tap. He discusses the Golden State Warriors winning the title and the Bucks passing the crown over to their Western Conference foe. What this means for the future of the league. Why Charlie

PODCAST: The Types Of Panic Buttons That WI Sports Fans Push

Charlie & Mitch are back in the saddle this week with another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast. The boys talk about the types of panic buttons that fans push. Why Packers fandom is to blame for other fanbases in Wisconsin being quick to

PODCAST: Top Packers Storylines That Everyone Will Be Talking About At Training Camp

Charlie begins today’s edition of The Daily Tap by talking about the top storylines that people will be discussing at training camp. The topics that he includes are the nasty Packers defense, getting used to the wide receivers, David Bakhtiari’s health, and much more (0-13

PODCAST: Wiggins’ Big Moment Forces Bucks Fans To Face a Cruel Reality

Charlie kicks off today’s edition of The Daily Tap discussing why Andrew Wiggins’ success should make Bucks fans upset. If the Bucks had Khris Middleton in the Boston series, he would have been doing similar things to Wiggins and it makes it hurt all that

PODCAST: Why The Brewers’ Consistent Injuries Might Cap Their Ceiling

Charlie discusses the Milwaukee Brewers to kick off today’s edition of The Daily Tap. He talks about the injuries and how they’ve put a damper on this season from the offense to the pitching staff. Charlie also talks about the overreaction to Davante Adams’s comments

PODCAST: Wisconsin Sports Storylines Of The Summer

Charlie & Mitch are back for another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast. They talk about the storylines that will be popular this summer for Wisconsin sports fans. For the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Wisconsin Badgers football team. They

PODCAST: Handing Out Invites To The June WI Sports Kegger

Charlie is throwing a party on today’s edition of The Daily Tap. He talks about all the different things that he is looking at this month whether it’s players, events, fan bases, and much more. People on the list are Christian Yelich, Celtics fans, Eric