How The Media Got Packers’ Panic Button All Wrong | Tapping The Keg Podcast 431

Tapping The Keg Podcast Network · How The Media Got Packers' Panic Button All Wrong | Tapping The Keg 431 This week’s Tapping The Keg podcast with Charlie & Mitch talks about why the panic button for sports, mostly for the Packers, is overrated. Charlie

Why Brewers’ Interleague Record Shouldn’t Concern You

Milwaukee Brewers struggled again with an AL Central opponent. They dropped two games to the Detroit Tigers during the week losing two straight games where the offense was nonexistent. Milwaukee scored a total of one run. Call it a hangover from an awesome weekend, but

Bucks Make History With Play-By-Play Hire

Milwaukee Bucks needed a new play-by-play announcer for both television and radio. Jim Paschke and Ted Davis both stepped down after the Bucks won the championship. I can blame neither of those men for making that call, although if you read Davis’ tweets, a Milwaukee

Super Bowl Is Back On After This Rodgers’ INT Nugget

Do you need more silver linings to the Green Bay Packers game last Sunday? Well if you did, the last time that Aaron Rodgers threw two interceptions to start a season, the Packers won the Super Bowl. Boom. That is a fact that can take

Ryan Braun’s Legacy Will Forever Be Felt With The Brewers | The Daily Tap Podcast

Tapping The Keg Podcast Network · Ryan Braun's Legacy Will Forever Be Felt With The Brewers | The Daily Tap On today’s edition of The Daily Tap, Charlie talks about the Ryan Braun retirement and what he meant to the City of Milwaukee. He explains

Aaron Rodgers Blames First Interception on a ‘Double Nutshot.’

Aaron Rodgers met with Pat McAfee on Tuesday like he usually does. If you expected a lot of hard-hitting questions from McAfee, that is not what this is about. McAfee asks Rodgers a few questions and lets him go off on the question for a

Ryan Braun Forever: One Of The Best Brewers’ Ever Says Goodbye

Ryan Braun was one of my favorite athletes of my lifetime. Braun entered my life right when I started college. In my opinion, that is an optimal time for a sports star to enter into your life. It is either that or when you are

Elgton Jenkins Shushed Any Worries About Him Playing Left Tackle

Elgton Jenkins is one of the best players on the Green Bay Packers. He is not known that way by the national media types. Jenkins stepped into David Bakhtiari’s role on Sunday, and he did it perfectly. The Mississippi State product had the highest PFF

Packers’ Overreaction or Proper Reaction? A look at the Spicest Packers’ Takes | The Daily Tap

Tapping The Keg Podcast Network · Packers' Overreaction or Proper Reaction? A look at the Spicest Packers' Takes | The Daily Tap The Daily Tap for Tuesday is live. Charlie talks about the overreactions from the first Packers’ games and gives them a ranking. Proper

Packers’ Silver Lining: 2020 Bucs Also Lost 38-3 to the Saints

This has been going around the interwebs, but I figured this could be needed for some Pacers fans today. Green Bay did lose an embarrassing game on Sunday losing by 35 points. It was ugly. It was gross and I think everyone is ready to