Aaron Rodgers Sounds Off On Critics

(h/t Aaron Nagler for the video)

Aaron Rodgers met with the media on Wednesday and let the media have a piece of his mind. Many people will consider him to be rattled, but I’m looking at it as a passionate guy who is frustrated with the start and wants to fix it. Rodgers isn’t excluding himself from the critics rather owning he’s part of the problem. The media will not like the way Rodgers handled this because he said what most athletes think about when the media finds space to criticize him.

Now, this is sort of a ‘R-E-L-A-X’ moment, and after that one, he came out firing and Green Bay was off and running for the 2014 season plus an MVP trophy for Rodgers. If he doesn’t have a big game on Sunday, the critics are going to keep coming and while Rodgers doesn’t sound concern with his numbers, he wants a big day versus Detroit.


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