Badgers Throwback Ticket Designs Are Fantastic

Wisconsin Badgers are celebrating their 100th year anniversary at Camp Randall Stadium. My guess we’re going to see a lot of cool stuff come through this Fall with special appearances and events. The first cool thing is Wisconsin announced yesterday that they will be throwing back their designs on tickets this season making them a damn near collector’s item. They are well done and think give you even more reason to check out Wisconsin football this season.

It’s not that Badgers football needs any help in that category though. They sell out every game, and it’s usually not an issue for them. The Big 920’s Mike Heller talked yesterday on his afternoon show about the three most impactful things to Badgers tying it back to Camp Randall. His producer Jon Arias had an interesting response saying ‘House of Pain’ and how ‘Jump Around’ effected the popularity of Badgers football across the country. I thought about that for awhile and believe he’s on to something here. It’s a cornerstone of the stadium as crazy as that sounds.

Football is starting to get back to us, can’t wait.


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