Bill Murray For All-Time FOX’s Clubhouse Correspondent

I’ll admit to you all that I had a little too much Bill Murray during the Chicago Cubs run to the World Series. Every time Chicago played we had to get a shot of Murray in the stands. I nearly went hipster on one of the best comedic actors of all-time saying ‘Screw Bill Murray, he’s over saturated.’ FOX did a great job in making him a clubhouse interviewer during the champagne celebration. Murray got some names, but none bigger than Theo Epstein, the mastermind behind this team. This was a wonderful minute.

Epstein pours champagne on Murray then the long-time star does the same thing to the young prodigy. It’s a great deal of fun. Best part is Murray taking swigs of the bubbly while Theo is talking like a true professional. Also shout to Bill for not using googles, that takes a great set of balls.


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