Brewers Open at 12/1 Favorites to Win World Series

The baseball season is now over. Boston Red Sox were the best team in baseball, and they showed it throughout the month of October including the World Series. They had a dominating performance winning the series in five games. If it weren’t for a crazy 18 inning game, Boston sweeps Los Angeles, and the season would have ended on Saturday night. Dodgers could say if they didn’t shit their pants in Game 4, they’re probably playing back in Beantown on Tuesday night. Regardless, the Sox are the champs. After the game ends, the odds for the World Series next season immediately gets released and your Brewers are 12/1. They’re only behind the Cubs in the NL Central who are 10/1.

Brewers are tied with the Atlanta Braves for the third-best odds in the National League. Naturally, the Los Angeles Dodgers have the best odds in the NL. Cubs getting the second position doesn’t really affect me. You want to be upset and act like it’s an outrage yet in reality, it’s pretty simple. Chicago is one of the top five most public teams, therefore, a ton of money will come in on them. Add to the fact that Bryce Harper or Manny Machado could be on their roster, you have them with the 10/1 odds.

Can’t wait for 2019. The hype around the Brewers will be unreal. Just like the Bucks took the baton from the Brewers, the same will happen next summer.


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