Brewers Players or Fortnite Characters? You Decide

Milwaukee Brewers finally did a dress up day on the last road trip of the year. A few Brewers wore Fortnite costumes heading to St. Louis. They look extremely badass even if I do not know anything about Fortnite. I’m sure most people who saw this on social media will know exactly what’s going on, but me, the non-video game player, I have zero idea. Fortnite references makes me feel so much less cool. I know so many people will wear these type of costumes for Halloween, and I’ll have zero idea.

Josh Hader is the first one, and he should come out in that outfit for the next time he heads to the mound. The others are across in this order – Brandon Woodruff, Freddy Peralta, Taylor Williams, Corbin Burnes and Jacob Nottingham. Williams wearing the nutcracker outfit is a great look. Peralta posted it on his Instagram with a great deal of excitement, so, it appears all of the players got into it. Can’t imagine these costumes were cheap.


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