Bryan Cranston Just Chillin at Lakefront Brewery

This is casual. Former Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston hanging out at Lakefront Brewery on Friday night with some of the fine people from Lakefront. He did a show in Milwaukee that night and stopped by Lgakefront for some beers. Not sure if this happened before or after the show, but I’m going to make the safe assumption it was after since Cranston wouldn’t want to be too liquored up out there. Confession time… I’ve never seen more than a couple episodes of Breaking Bad. It’s now been a couple years since the last episode so people aren’t as shocked when I tell them, but it’s my TV white whale if you will. Cranston has made a nice living since starring in a few movies and being a supporting actor in bigger movies. He takes the screen next as a protective father in ‘Why Him’ with James Franco coming out on Christmas.


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