Bucks Lost But Brogdon Dunked On LeBron

The PREZ. We’ll have a Bucks Buzz cooked up here in a second, but first, we need to talk about Malcolm Brogdon. He had a reverse slam over LeBron James in the third quarter. LeBron does not get dunked on. He dunks on people. For a rookie to do it? Oh wow. That was no expected in this game. Bucks guard finished with six points and two of the three baskets were dunks on LeBron and Kyrie. That’s fantastic.

When are we going to have a conversation about Brogdon being in the Rookie of the Year conversation? He probably doesn’t score enough, but he’s an analytical wet dream. Stat heads love him and for good reason. Also, remember when Bucks fans bitched about Milwaukee trading Patrick McCaw away for nothing? Good times, you idiots.


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