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Aaron Rodgers Review: He’s Back Baby, Pray for the NFC

It is funny how things change. On Saturday, I was killing Aaron Rodgers for the ‘Last Dance’ stuff. I still think it is incredibly corny and something I would not recommend to the teams I cheer for. On Monday, I’m jazzed up that he is

SnotapWI Game Review: Bucks Are Champions of the NBA World

Milwaukee Bucks won a championship last night. 24 hours ago, I was standing at the famous Milwaukee Brat House ready for tip-off. The crowd lightened up a little bit from earlier in the night. Part of that was due to fans leaving to attend the

SnotapWI Game Review: Game 5 Greatness From the Bucks

After a few games off, we returned to the Milwaukee Brat House for our 13th game of the playoffs. We were 11-1 there and 11-0 when Tim, our bartender and friend of the program, and the vibes were great. I have never seen Milwaukee that

SnotapWI Brewers Game Review: Houser Dominates While Offense Struggles

SnoTapWI #Brewers Game Review: Adrian Houser dominates and Crew sneaks out a run with an awful lineup. #ThisIsMyCrew — Charlie (@SnoTapWI) August 6, 2020 Last night’s game review talks about Adrian Houser having success against the White Sox last night and the Brewers running

SnoTapWI Game Review Game 5: Brewers-Pirates

Game reviews are the newest thing in SnotapWI’s arsenal. Be on the lookout for the first-ever Bucks version on Friday night. But we should tell you what goes into a review. The scoring system is three different things. One, did the team win? Two, was

SnoTapWI Game Review: Brewers-Pirates Game 4

We had the best game review thus far in the young Brewers season. Did it run at midnight last night? Yes. Did I care? No. That is one thing I may have to adjust moving forward is publishing these later when more people are awake

SnoTapWI Game Review Game 3: Brewers-Cubs

If you were under a rock this weekend, SnotapWI launched a new series called game reviews where we review each game using a few different things. I’ll stop giving you the rundown after a few Brewers games and a few Bucks games but until then,

SnoTapWI Game Review: Brewers-Cubs Game 2

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re doing the game reviews. This is a new thing for us and a thing I hope to keep up for the foreseeable future. Could I miss a day or two? Sure. But that’s not the plan right now. Thankfully, we