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Who Won The Week For Wisconsin? Packers Fans’ Complaining is Back, Baby!

Another week in the books in the state of Wisconsin. This is becoming one of my favorite things to write about each week. Not sure why exactly. Maybe it’s because this is different than what we usually do. As I continue with this weekly blog,

Who Won The Week For Wisconsin? Bye Weeks Take The Crown

Last week, we started a new segment called ‘Wisconsin Week One Winner’ or something like that. After reading the title a few times, I hated it and finally found how I would like to call it each week. For those that didn’t read this blog

SnotapWI’s Wisconsin Week Winner for Oct. Wk 1: Robert AKA Big Bob Tonyan

Sound the alarm for a new segment alert!!! Right now, we’re in a bit of a weird flux with Wisconsin sports. We only have the Green Bay Packers. Wisconsin Badgers do not get rolling until late October. And we have no idea when the Milwaukee