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The Sports TV Schedule in August Is March Madness-Esque

We are gearing up towards what is possibly going to be the biggest sports month of recent memory. We typically have a few months out of the calendar where everything is rolling. But this feels different. Part of it is due to NBA and NHL

Why the NHL Became The First Sport To Officially Return

In business, people use football analogies to equate where they are with making a deal. The MLB right now is still on their side of the field. No side is moving the ball, and they’re arguing about the spot. NBA is almost in the red

Hockey at Fiserv Forum Will Bring NHL Dreams Back To Life

For the first time in young history, the Fiserv Forum will be hosting hockey at their arena. Years ago, Wisconsin hockey would play at the Bradley Center around Christmas time. That will be happening again with the Badgers, Clarkson University, Arizona State, and UConn. The

Sports FOMO Is The Absolute Worst

We’re going to have some honesty hour to kick off our day on SnoTapWI. I had a wild day. Worked late, had to workout at night, work issue, taped a podcast with Mitch, therefore, things to do around the house were still needed to be

Winning a Championship in Vegas is Awesome

Washington Capitals are your Stanley Cup champions for the 2017-2018 season. They beat the Las Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday night, 4-3, to win the series, 4-1. Washington won the final game in Las Vegas meaning the celebration that took place after the game was

JERSEY GRADES: Las Vegas Golden Knights

Tonight, NHL and Adidas unveiled new jerseys across the board. But the most notable jersey was the debut of the Las Vegas Golden Knights who were showing them off for the first time. Las Vegas will be part of the things to watch with the

Congrats On The Future Sex, Predators Fans.

Nashville Predators and their fans have been embraced by the sports community in a major way. It’s much like Kansas City Royals a couple years back when they went to their first World Series in 2014. Nashville is a team that makes you wish you

PODCAST: Base-Brawl & Finals Trilogy

I’m not kidding you when I say this one of the best podcasts we’ve done in 2017. Please share with your friends who might enjoy two guys shooting the breeze about the sports topics of the week. Our main focus on today’s show features talking

Catfish – A Nashville Predators Love Story

I’ve never had catfish. I thought about it as deep-fried fish is something of my jam. They are odd-looking fish as they are fat and have an ugly look to them. I don’t think anyone is dating a catfish. That said, the ugly fish is

Nashville Predators, Milwaukee’s New Adopted Team

Every Stanley Cup Playoffs season is pretty much the same in Milwaukee. All of the sudden, there are hundreds of Chicago Blackhawks fans, a few Red Wings fans along with a Wild transplant or two. In that mix as well are those who support Nashville