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Weekend Watchlist: Sports! Sports! Sports! Everybody!

What a weekend for sports. Oh my goodness, is this going to be fun or what? Charlie is here to break it all down for you. Let’s have a weekend. 1. Bucks-Sixers 2. Marquette-Seton Hall 3. Wisconsin-Nebraska 4. Bucks-Heat 5. Big East Tourney Final 6.

Weekend Watchlist Podcast: College Hoops Bonanza

Weekend watchlist is your personal viewers guide to know what to watch for over the weekend. Four local games to keep an eye on then we head to the national landscape. Here’s what Charlie and SnoTapWI team is watching this weekend. 1. Marquette-Georgetown 2. Milwaukee-Charlotte

Weekend Watchlist: West Coast Bucks Weekend

Weekend watchlist gets you ready for the first weekend in March. We’re chatting about all of the games at a local and national level that are worth watching this weekend. These are 10 things Charlie and the SnoTapWI crew will be watching this weekend. Bucks-Lakers,

Weekend Watchlist: College Hoops SZN begins plus Bucks/Celtics Recap

Weekend watchlist is here! Charlie talks about all of the big games this weekend including three from the local teams in the area. The first five minutes is spent discussing last night’s great Bucks win then it transitions to the watchlist. Here are the games

Weekend Watchlist: Worst Wisconsin Sports Weekend

Charlie is back with the weekend watchlist but he’s here to tell you this is a rough weekend. No Bucks, Marquette or Wisconsin games this weekend meaning it’s All Star Weekend or bust. Here’s what he talks about to watch this weekend. Becoming Giannis, NBA

Weekend Watchlist: WI College Hoops Takeover

Charlie presents the Weekend Watchlist. Highlighting the 10 biggest games of the weekend starting with local and ending with national. It’s a great weekend for college hoops fans in the state of Wisconsin. Here are the games Charlie talks about this Friday. Marquette-Villanova, Badgers-Michigan, Bucks-Mavericks,

Weekend Watchlist: Super Bowl of Patriots Fatigue

Yes, it’s the Super Bowl weekend, and Charlie is here to talk about that as well as everything going on in sports that is not related to the Super Bow. Show begins like it usually does with the local sports first talking about Bucks-Wizards with

Weekend Watchlist: No Football, No Problem

Charlie is back with the Weekend Watchlist breaking down all of the big games this weekend. Yes, this is our first weekend without football. Charlie promises you that you’ll survive and there’s a great NBA slate this weekend. Here are the games discussed on the

Weekend Watchlist: Conf. Champ Weekend + Must-Win Badgers

Weekend Watchlist is here with your host Charlie talking about all the big games from a local then national perspective. Here’s the order for this weekend in what should be a good one.1.Wisconsin-Michigan 2. Marquette-Providence 3. Bucks-Magic 4. Rams-Saints 5. Patriots-Chiefs. 6. Virginia-Duke 7. Thunder-Sixers

Weekend Watchlist: Will the NFL Underdogs Ride Again?

Weekend watchlist is here for the best weekend in football. Yes, this is a great one for anyone who enjoys the NFL.It’s also a good weekend for local sports and hoops. Here are the games Charlie is previewing today. 1. Marquette-Seton Hall 2. Bucks-Wizards 3.