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THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: How the Packers Can Avoid Rodgers-Love Being 2008 All Over Again

Charlie kicks off this week of podcasting by talking about Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love and why the Packers are headed for impact when choosing one of them. Over the weekend, Jason Wilde made a comment that the Packers are going to have to choose

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: The Biggest Packers-Bears Storylines As The Rivalry Renews

Charlie kicks off another edition of The Daily Tap podcast talking about the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears as their rivalry begins for another year. Charlie breaks down the biggest storylines for the game. We discuss Aaron Rodgers working with Aaron Jones and A.J.

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: 2022 Green Bay Packers Preview

Green Bay Packers are the main focus for the Tapping The Keg crew as Charlie & Mitch preview the season. They talk about questions, things to get excited about, overreactions, and much more. It starts with the offense and then goes to the defense and

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Burning Questions About The Packers 53-Man Roster

Charlie kicks off today’s edition of The Daily Tap podcast by discussing what questions you might have about the Packers roster. He breaks down things like why is Tyler Davis going to likely make the team. Should the Packers keep seven wide receivers? Will Zach

Rashan Gary Named 11th Best NFL Player Under 25

Rashan Gary is the next, great superstar for the Green Bay Packers. Gary had a breakout season in his third year with the team. He had 9.5 sacks last season and probably should have made the Pro Bowl. The emergence of Gary led to Green

Murph’s Packers Big Board Day 2: Will The Packers Go Receiver?

Charlie checking in with the second round Murph’s Packers Big Board. It’s crazy that this is the first thing that I’m writing in a long time. The packers had a good draft last night. People will bitch about the wide receivers, but the reality is

Murph’s 2022 Packers NFL Draft Big Board

Happy Holidays! As I get older, fatter, and grayer I tend to put off my annual draft report more and more. It is a tradition like no other but then I think back to sitting in my freshman dorm room pumping this out for a

Aaron Rodgers’ Instagram Post Leaves More Questions Than Answers

You probably don’t feel this because you’re not a podcaster, but if you are, there is no worse feeling than missing something when you tape. It’s why I’ve taped podcasts later and later to make sure nothing is being missed. Depending on today’s outcome, I’ll

Dick Butkus Roasts His Nephew For Getting Promoted By The Packers

Dick Butkus has been on Twitter for a week. It is one of the great things that has happened with Twitter in the past few months. Now, you could say ‘Charlie, nothing great happens on Twitter.’ Yes, true. But Butkus has been unfiltered and having

Starting To Feel Like Jim Harbaugh Might Be The New Vikings Coach

Jim Harbaugh has not been in the National Football League in a few years now. Harbaugh is well-liked at Michigan as the son who came home and took Michigan to the mountain top this season. Harbaugh beat Ohio State then lost to Georgia in the