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Alex Lasry Should Not Get A Single Vote After His Broom Emoji Tweet

There are many things that could be pointed to as to why the Milwaukee Bucks lost the series against the Boston Celtics. Three-point shooting is by far the biggest one. But one that needs to be considered that isn’t getting enough play is Alex Lasry,

Trying to Understand Packers Fans’ Obssesion With Third-String Quarterbacks

Green Bay Packers fans seem to always love the third-string quarterback. Why? I’m not sure. It is hard to wrap your head around. But it’s been a trend for a while. First, it was Joe Callahan. People loved that guy and thought he might be

Packers Making Roster Moves Before Cut Day Shows Their Depth

Green Bay Packers made some roster moves yet again after their preseason game. Last week, the Packers traded Josh Jackson to the New York Giants for Issac Yiadom. This week, the Packers released 2020 fifth-round draft pick Kamal Martin, and they traded 2019 sixth-rounder Ka’Dar

Uh Oh Don’t Look Now But Christian Yelich is Getting Hot

Christian Yelich might have finally found his swagger for the baseball season. Yelich had a rough start to the season with a back injury, COVID, and just plan badness. It got to the point where Mitch & I asked on Tapping The Keg Podcast, what’s

Donald Driver Gives Great Answer About His Departure From Green Bay

Donald Driver is one of the all-time great ambassadors for the Green Bay Packers. Driver is a great wide receiver for the team too. He made an impact as a seventh-round draft pick out of Alcorn State. He did so much in his time making

Things We Love to See: Giannis is a New Brewers’ Owner

Giannis Antetokounmpo is now a Brewers owner. It was announced yesterday that Giannis Antetokounmpo will own a minority share in the Milwaukee Brewers. It shows his commitment to the City of Milwaukee and growing in the future. It is the first owner in the last

Davante Adams Sings High Praises for Eric Stokes Jr.

Davante Adams is one of, if not, the best wide receiver in football. He has seen a lot of corners and would not bullshit you about the talent of anyone. The media asked Adams today about Eric Stokes Jr., the first-round draft pick out of

Green Bay Packers Classic Jerseys Leak Ahead of Unveil This Morning

You know, I try my best to get to the gym at the right time so I’m ready for the day job. Literally right before I’m ready to log off and get ready, the Packers classic jerseys leak all over the Packers’ Pro Shop and

Giannis Meeting a Young Bucks Fan (And MKE Resident!) In Greece Will Tug Your Heartstrings

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the man. We all know that. Giannis is one of the best young stars in all of sports. I hate calling athletes, role models, because we don’t know a lot of these people off the court. Michael Jordan is a great example.

Wisconsin Sports Fans Are Going to Have the Best Chirstmas Ever

Sporting events on Christmas are something that has been a staple of America for some time now. There is always the NBA Christmas Day games. It has expanded from being two games kicking off the primetime coverage for the major network to five games throughout