Ciara & Russell Wilson Continue To Be The Weirdest

I’m sure you saw the picture that Ciara posted yesterday afternoon. If you didn’t, the singer had a photo with her holding Future Jr. in her arms whilst naked and pregnant. Behind her is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson holding the pregnant stomach of his wife. Look, I understand people do pregnancy different, but at the same time, this is fucking weird. It’s America, you should be able to call out something when it’s just odd.

My guess is the man or woman who took the photo had a creative moment about that all things surround Ciara and that’s why we with that photo. Instead, it looks like former Badgers quarterback is eating that booty like groceries. Wilson must get clowned by his peers on a frequent basis. It seems like he never says ‘no’ to any weird idea. Maybe that’s something he should work in 2017. Consider a late New Year’s Resolution, stop saying yes to weird things, Russ, and maybe, people will stop clowning him.

I also hope fans hold this sign up an opposing stadiums, I need that to happen.


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