Of Course, There’s a Run The Table Rap Song

Well, I’m not surprised by this. But I will say, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a rap song come out about Packers. I’ve also hated parody songs since the days when it was cool to put things on YouTube and try to go ‘viral.’ That being said, I respect an original song tying it back to a professional sports team. Wisco Kidz did that with ‘Run The Table.’

Couple things here… Number one, this song is better as you keep listening to it and I’m starting to think I need to bump it a few times before Sunday. Number two, it’s going to really suck when Lil Wayne makes his own version if Packers get to the Super Bowl because you know that’s happening. Side note on Wayne, ‘Green and Yellow’ was the most overplayed bar song that semester of college after Packers won the Super Bowl. Maybe it’s because I lost too many brain cells at The Pickle that year…. ‘WHERE ARE MY MOTHERFUCKING PACKERS FANS AT?!?!!?!” Miss you, Jed.

Let’s have a day,


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