Davante Adams, Big Fan of “Tuggys”

Davante Adams is a slow-rising social media superstar. He had a funny moment last week and came back again this week with an interesting term for touchdowns known as ‘tuggys.’ Fans were quick to react on social media as a ‘tuggys’ are usually referred to when one gets pleasured by way of the hand. There are also self-tuggys as well. What I think happened here was Adams meant to type ‘Tuddy’ and since the g’s are close, he ended up with ‘tuggys.’

Classic mixup really. He wanted to point out that people are dumb for thinking he talked about getting a hand job from Aaron Rodgers. I personally think that’s the way to go, but the tweet came off like he was so excited to get a tuggy for his birthday so I understand the confusion by some fans.


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