Would You Eat It? – Arby’s Venison Burger

Arby’s announced yesterday they are bringing back their venison burger next week. It’s something they showcased last year in certain locations to only have it sell out in hours. This will be a one day thing across the country where Arby’s has enough venison meat to avoid their own Rick & Morty situation. And in special places in the West will have Elk Sandwiches, I fully enjoy Arby’s joining the hunter lifestyle.

I don’t know if this is something that I am going to make it a point to go grab because I’m not a huge fast food guy in general, but if I was, I would seek it out. Here’s the thing about venison… It’s pretty damn good. Personally, I like it with hot dogs and summer sausage especially, but I can get down with a steak. I feel like there’s some negative connotation about eating deer meat especially around the Milwaukee area. It’s fucking good and makes you part of Wisconsin, deal with it.


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