Enes Kanter Adds A New Feud: Phoenix Suns

Where do you guys stand on Enes Kanter? Like I can’t make up my mind whether I like him and the swagger he plays with, or the fact, he’s Enes Kanter, and he shouldn’t be running his mouth. Usually, I like guys who talk a bunch of a shit and go reckless on people. But then again, it’s Kanter. He kinda stinks. Take Jalen Ramsey such as, I love Jalen because he talks shit and backs it up. Kanter does not exactly do that . He came at the Suns neck tonight with some words for Devin Booker than Jared Dudley fired some words back.

Kanter seems to have a want to be the least liked guy in the league. He has a thing with the best players on each team like LeBron James and now Devin Booker. To give me official ruling on Enes, I’ve decided that we’re not going to support him here at SnoTap. The guy acts like a short man more so than a big man always yapping with no real direction. I like that Dudley called Kanter a ‘fake tough guy’ as that’s part of the SnoTap #brand these days

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