Is Giannis Wearing His Nike Prototypes?

Welcome to Giannis weekend on Sports News on Tap. Content is going to be a struggle, therefore, we’re rolling with a bunch of Giannis content from All-Star Weekend. Last night, he hung out at a Nike event with his youngest brother and wearing some lime green camo-based Nikes. People started to wonder if Giannis is wearing his Nike prototypes for his first shoe as a professional. Even though I’m not a sneakerhead, I’m patiently awaiting what we see from the Giannis shoes, and I feel like it’s a collector’s item for us in the City of Milwaukee.

Feel like this is something that people could get behind. I’m curious what Nike will do with Giannis because they’ve hit it out of the park with Kyrie’s shoes as well as Paul George’s line. Adidas separated themselves recently with the NMD’s, and other casual shoes, but still, Nike is the brand when it comes to player-endorsed shoes. My guess is we’ll see the first Giannis shoe sometime this summer. I’m really here for a flashy ass shoe that makes the milquetoast suburban Milwaukee mom freak out.


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