How Pathetic Are These Cubs Fans?

If you listen to Daily Tap today, you’ll hear me rant about how I saw many dudes wearing Cubs gear at Miller Park last night. Mind you, the Brewers are playing Arizona, and Cubs had an off day before playing Cleveland. Then, I see these two pathetic Cubs fans who paid money to go see the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox play just so they could show Manny Machado their sign. I guess the hope is he forces his way to Chicago? Regardless, this is a weird move by any fan bas and makes it worse than it’s the Cubs.

See what I love though is looking through the mentions of Danny Parkins, a radio host, and Cubs fans are openly ripping these dudes. I know some good Cubs fans, but there are so many bad eggs. It’s not any different than Packers fans. Although I feel the pinheads are closer to St. Louis Cardinals fans than Cubs fans. Even with a World Series ring, there are so many Cubs fans who are insecure about their team, and that’s how they grew up so it’s never stopped for them.

Oh and there is this Cubs fan from the Capitals game. Fuck this guy too.


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