Iowa’s Quarterback Helmet Found Partying

Goddamn I love Iowa City. I had a great weekend there when I was 21. I traveled six hours down from Eau Claire to the home of Hawkeyes and had a grand ole time. They LOVE their booze. It’s the creator of Vodka Sam along with other notable individuals. A couple of rabble rousers took Iowa quarterback’s C.J. Beathard’s helmet after their win against Michigan. With a field full of fans, there were things bound to get lost but of all players to lose their lid, the starting quarterback.

I’m trying to decide whether I would want a helmet out at the bar. One part it would be awesome to have a helmet on the bar table but would you really want to wear a sweaty lid? Helmets fucking stink after football games. They are also heavy. I think I’m out on helmet celebrations, but it sounds so right for Iowa City.


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