Is Odell Beckham Jr. The NFL Officials Most-Hated Player?

In case you missed it, New York Giants wide receiver had another shit fit on Monday Night Football. Beckham Jr got pushed out of bounds without a flag then bumped an official drawing a flag. Beckham Jr. unleashed on the media saying everyone is out of to get him. A part of me feels like NFL Referees are tired of his shit and want him to grow up a little bit. One thing I’m curious about is will NFL suspend Beckham Jr. for Sunday’s game against Green Bay? FOX Sports Jay Glazer reported two weeks ago said if he gets another unsportsmanlike conduct, he would be suspended for the next game. It appears a suspension would only happen after a roughness penalty versus what happened here, but who the hell knows with the National Football League’s rule.

Maybe that’s the wake-up call Beckham needed to turn around his season. It seems like he isn’t handling being the focal point well, and every corner knows they can get under his skin.

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