Johnny Manziel Kicked Off ComebackSZN

Johnny Manziel is making a comeback. There were some murmurs over the past week or so about Manziel potentially returning to the National Football League. And today, he opened up to Twitter to talk about his life, and how he’s ready to change things for the better. Manziel talked about being happy, working out four to five days a week, wanting to be like his buddy Joel Embiid and much more. It was fascinating to watch Manziel tweet about all of these things. Two were more important than others.

1. He owned that 2016 wasn’t his year. There’s some self-awareness there. He knows that what took place in 2016 was downright reckless. It appears he’s ready to move past that stage of his life.

2. Manziel made sure to let people know that these tweets would result in actions. The microscope is going to be huge on him, and he has to live a perfect life for awhile so no one can see him doing the ‘douche’ activities of 2016.

So can this happen? I’m not sure. The big problem for Manziel is he faces two suspensions for his actions, and that might leave many teams weary. My guess is Manziel, much like Doug Flutie and Warren Moon, will end up playing in Canada for a year, maybe two and show that he’s on the straight and narrow plus can play some football. Another thing I could see is a team like Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh taking him in and letting him ride out the suspensions then leverage him in a trade for the following year.

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