Just Let Julius Peppers Watch The Game!

Aaron Nagler retweeted it, and i have to blog it. My god. Julius Peppers is on the television show WAGS Miami on E! Network as his girlfriend Claudia Sampedro is on the show. I watch some shitty reality television programming (Currently, I’m watching The Bachelor on DVR whilst I write), but this is a little much. But I’m okay with whatever makes Peppers family some money. Still, I’m surprised Peppers put up with this at his old age. Doesn’t seem like that kind of dude, but hey, to each their own.

Peppers is trying to watch an end of a football game, and I’m not sure which one, but it doesn’t matter. Pep is trying to finish up the game, and it will be time with his significant other. That being said, the final 30 seconds of a game can take FOREVER. He watched football in that clip which is better than hoops when it comes to actual time versus game time. Poor Peppers though. This looks like 1,000 mile stare. I was in pain watching that clip.

Hopefully, Packers defensive end will not be on the couch for another month or so.


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