Kanye West Would Have Voted For Donald Trump

What a headline. We really don’t know what to expect in today’s world. Kanye West said at a concert last night that he would have voted for Donald Trump if he did actually vote. First, we all should vote and it’s a bummer to hear Mr. West didn’t vote. There’s much more to this story than just Kanye voting for a Republican.

This isn’t some thinkpiece because we’re not Slate or The Atlantic, but people should look at this at a second-level. This is more than just ‘Kanye West voted for Trump.’ If a reality television star can win the presidency of the United States, this means that someone like West could win the future if they were serious about running for President. Kanye knows there’s a pathway to being President of the United States. He made a comment at 2015 MTV Video Music Awards where West wanted to run for President. Hell, I even have a Kanye 2020 t-shirt that doesn’t fit my fat body currently.

Sure, you can be mad about West’s comments about Trump, but it’s really more about him seeing a chance at actually running for President.


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