Kevin Harlan Narrates Another Streaker On The Field

If you watched more than one minute of the Colts-Jets game tonight, I feel sorry for you. The egg that New York laid tonight was a ‘I quit on my coach, egg’ that makes me think Todd Bowles might get fired. I never thought this was possible, and then I see what happened tonight in front of a national audience. Wonder if Bowles would like to coach a defense in Green Bay? The biggest moment of the night came from Kevin Harlan who does radio of the Monday Night games. Harlan got another shot at narrating two streakers on the field.

It wasn’t as good as ‘This guy is drunk!’ proving that even in announcer calls, the sequel is not as good as the original. That being said, the reaction when these guys get completely CLOCKED plus the dad joke from Boomer Esasion makes it all worth it.


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