Some LA Clown Revives Braun-Kemp Rumor For Attention

Do you know who Michael J. Duarte is? He’s not an actor on the new ABC hit television show. Nope, he isn’t a podcaster either. Nor does he do anything of real importance. Duarte decided to make up a story about how the Ryan Braun-Matt Kemp trade was going to happen any day now. It came out of nowhere, and I took the bait because I’m a feeble-minded person. This guy is clearly someone who just throws shit to the wall and hopes it sticks. Every Brewers reporter made fun of him tonight. Great job, Duarte!

If this guy is right, I’ll eat my words and move on. But there’s enough proof here to show me that he’s a fucking idiot. There’s nothing going on with the Brewers involving Matt Kemp and Braun. They don’t need to add another outfielder, and one that doesn’t offer much value to the team. The worst part about it all is he didn’t even just let the thing sit. He started to get all defensive and find other people who heard the same, stupid fucking rumor. I hate lighting someone on Easter, but you have to do it when people are this stupid.

It’s pretty telling when the Milwaukee media completely disregards it and laughs at you in the process. You don’t think they would want this story?


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