LeBron James Hits Game-Winner & Freezes Out Isaiah Thomas

Has there been a player that LeBron James hates more than Isaiah Thomas? Like the hate is so real at this point. Thomas put it out there that he doesn’t want to get traded, and I’m almost convinced he’s going to get moved today. LeBron James came through with a huge game with 37 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists including hitting the game-winner. When LeBron went to celebrate with his teammates, he completely ignored Thomas. As a wine-drinking NBA superstar is known to say… SHEEEEEEEESH

Oh boy, this is bad with a capital B. Thomas and Bron hate the shit out of each other. I haven’t seen something this bad in a while. Now, do I think LeBron needs to grow up a little bit? Sure. Do I think Isaiah is in the wrong for trying to be an alpha male with the best fucking player in the world? Yeah I do, he’s an idiot. I don’t exactly condone his actions either. These guys’ feud is playing a huge part in the Cavs demise right now, and if Bron can work his magic to get Isaiah traded, they may get things back to normal.

I like how Bron couldn’t even fake being nice to him.


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