Miguel Montero Makes Dave Roberts Pay, Cubs Go Up 1-0

Dave Roberts played with fire and lost in the eighth inning. He intentionally walked putrid hitter Jason Heyward to get to one of hottest hitter in the postseason with Javy Baez. That worked out as Baez popped out to right. With Chris Coghlan up to the plate, Roberts chooses to walk the meek hitting outfielder to get Alrodis Chapman out of the game. That didn’t work out so well as Miguel Montero hits a grand slam then Dexter Fowler follows it up with a solo homer.

Chapman is not a two-inning closer. He’s barely done it in his career. Why didn’t Roberts see what would happen versus putting another hitter on-base for a hitter like Montero who has more power than Coghlan. Cubs get Game 1, and we have a hell of a matchup tomorrow with Clayton Kershaw facing off versus Kyle Hendricks.


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