I Need This Brewers Robe & I Needed It Yesterday

Milwaukee Brewers are having some fun this Spring Training. This makes me happy. They seem like a young team who doesn’t know they’re supposed to suck this season. I get excited and unrealistic about things when things like this happen because I’ll talk myself into that I’ll be watching competitive baseball on my birthday. It’s a viscous cycle all us Brewers fans live with, and it starts when we start seeing a loose team in Spring Training. First things first, I need this robe.

Joba Chamberlain is rocking maybe the coolest robe ever. Apparently, it’s Scooter Gennett’s and Jimmy Nelson has one as well. I need this robe so bad. It’s awesome. I can picture myself wearing this robe on Sunday hungover mornings in the summer when I’m waiting for Brewers to come on and setting several DraftKings lineups.

Sorry for the bad visual, but there’s a 1000 percent chance I’m wearing this with nothing on underneath. If you’re wearing clothes under the robe, what are you doing? Just wear a hoodie like a regular goddamn person. The joy of a robe for a man is the freedom it provides you, and while I’m not a woman, I’m sure they would all agree with no clothes movement.


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