Nick Van Exel Rocking a Cheesehead is a Legendary Picture

I love when older things go viral. Things that I haven’t seen in the past like this Nick Van Exel picture of him in a cheesehead. Van Exel is a Wisconsin native, Racine to be exact, so it’s no surprise that he’s a Packers fan. This picture was likely taken on a Sunday as they were traveling to another city. Van Exel rocked a Brett Favre jersey, jorts and a cheesehead. He took the picture as the former NBA player worked on some chicken wings and held up the one. Someone needs to mak this picture into a poster because I need for the SnoTap Offices.

This is the original tweet, but Giannis Antetokounmpo found it then reposted it in the last hour thus it should go pretty viral today. Should we have a recreated version with Aaron Rodgers jersey plus the cheesehead? I say no. Sometimes, you have to leave art the way it is. Beautiful picture and do not fuck it up. Can we also talk about how Nick Van Exel is one of the few people I see look good in a cheesehead. If you ever want to spot a pinhead, look for a cheesehead around the stadium.


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