Nike & SportsCenter Both Deliver Great Cubs World Series Ads

You knew a couple people would try to get on the train to wish Chicago Cubs well after winning the World Series. Why? It’s great marketing and there’s a good chance that both of these videos get picked up and go viral. It’s a smart strategy to have after a team won their first World Series in 108 years. We’ll start with Nike’s which is above. This is a great, powerful ad showing a kid playing by himself reeacting a full baseball game. As someone who used to play pretend baseball in the backyard with made-up names and fake lineup, that tugged on my heart strings a little bit.

SportsCenter played to the ‘x days without an accident’ except they did with the World Series, and Jay Harris erased it from 108 to 0. It was pretty cool to see then to add a little humor to get the UConn Husky mascot wearing a dog cone appears and erased how many days it had been without an accident.

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