Note To Men: Stop Proposing at Ballparks

We had a some clown at the Yankees game today propose to his girlfriend. A tale as old as time, but he lost the ring whilst proposing to his lady. Thankfully, they found the ring and now, the happy couple is engaged. Now, it’s time for a rant that’s been dowe on the Internet yet it needs a home on our website.

WHY DO PEOPLE CONTINUE TO DO THIS?!?! Look I get if sports are part of your relationship, and maybe, that’s your first date yet, there’s no excuse for getting married at a ballpark, NBA arena or on a NFL stadium. I don’t know why we keep doing this shit. Everyone looks stupid, and no one really wants to get married at a professional sporting event. If I’m proposing, I want to look hot as shit while doing it. Hair perfectly done, looking as athletic (See not fat) and my best looking threads. I know I’m sharing this picture on Facebook and Instagram which will get crazy likes more than I usually do, therefore, why would I look like a goddamn ragamuffin? We never look our best at sporting events because we don’t have to that’s why we love going to games.


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