Packers Mystery Tent Amazed Twitter

Sometimes, I wonder how much football Twitter really watches on a weekly basis. If you watch college football enough, teams have a tent for their athletes on the sidelines. Most notably, Alabama has one and more schools keep having them to not show the public what’s going on with injuries. Aaron Rodgers went into the tent in the third quarter, and there was some concern from the Packers faithful. Although Rodgers came out for the next Packers possession.

He has a hamstring injury that limited him from running from the pocket or taking the ball under center, but Rodgers seems to be fine for next week. He told the media the reason for heading into the tent had to do with him ‘dropping his drawers.’ I understand why the quarterback would want to be in the tent for that reason.

Rodgers should be alright, but I can’t wait for Twitter to freak out when he misses practice on Wednesday.


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