PacMan Jones Describes Terrelle Pryor as ‘Garbage’

What does Terrelle Pryor do to piss people off? After Cincinnati beating Cleveland, 23-10, PacMan Jones told the media that Terrelle Pryor is ‘Garbage’ and said it consistently to the media. It appears Pryor did something to ruffle Jones’ feathers. In another video, Jones mentions how Pryor is from the suburbs, which doesn’t mean shit, but to each their own.

I’m glad we got a good sound clip from PacMan. It’s been too long from the artist formerly known as Adam Jones seeing as Bengals are ‘garbage’ this season so we don’t hear much from Cincinnati. If you’re a Tapping The Keg listener, you should expect to hear this drop for the next couple of months, and we all know how much Mitch loves to overuse new drops.


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