PODCAST EP. 220: Big Week for Internet Crybabies

Let’s do this damn thing for another week with the podcast boys. This week, we discuss Internet crybabies in all sorts of forms. We had people who were crying about Randall Cobb pushing off during that Hail Mary. We had people crying about how long Alabama-Clemson took on Monday night. And most importantly, the people who are crying about Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Crybabies are out in full force. Packers fans are looking worse than Cardinals fans with these sort of bullshit antics.

I’m sick of Packers fans thinking Buck and Aikman are against the team. In other happier topics, we talk about Packers big win against New York with the deity that is Aaron Rodgers, their improving defense and much more. We look at the game with Cowboys and why you can’t take much away from the game earlier this season. Also talked about the Clemson-Alabama classic, Bucks who did the most podcast thing ever and beat Spurs after we got done taping and finished with more NBA news.


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