Rate This Marquette Ugly Christmas Sweater

I’m not a big ugly Christmas sweater guy. Not sure why I never picked up on the trend. I always thought it was funnier to find something of my dad’s that he thought looked good in the 80’s or 90’s and rock that instead of wearing something I bought to be trendy. Marquette tried tier hands at their own ugly Christmas sweater that they are selling in the spirit shop.

I must admit this thing is pretty cool. The new Marquette logo on it looks a little forced but understand why they do it for ‘branding purposes.’ I like the baby blue color as that’s unique to the ugly sweater game. I also like the border of Santa playing basketball. One drawback to this is the people who will wear this sweater all winter to the student section and think they are funny every time.

If you’re an ugly Christmas sweater guy or gal and a Marquette fan, this is probably for you.


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