Richard Sherman Acting Like An Ass Per Usual

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good “Richard Sherman is an asshole” moment. All in all, he’s a good dude, but Sherman can be one of the best trolls on the field. He also bends the rules because that’s motto in Seattle. It’s not just Sherman, it’s the whole damn time. If Seattle had a walkway to their field like Notre Dame, it would say ‘Bend The Rules Like A Champion Today.’ Sherman did that at the end of the first half. Seahawks cornerback clearly jumped offsides and bulldozed Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter. It should have been a ‘roughing the kicker’ penalty, rather, it was only an offsides call.

Carpenter ended up missing the field goal as the shitshow of the first half ended for Buffalo. This could have potentially been the difference in this game. All of these things happening is Seattle to a T. I’m not shocked at all.


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