Sammy Sosa is a Cowboy, Baby

Sammy Sosa is an interesting figure. He is likely the most forgotten man from the Steroid Era of baseball. The reasons are mostly on the Chicago Cubs for keeping him away from Wrigley Field and the organization, and he’s a weird fucking dude. Those two things might be intertwined together. He dyed his skin, doesn’t admit that he did anything wrong and is overall weird guy. Sosa did like family portraits with his girlfriend, and they are posed as cowboys. If you’re curious, I am in on cowboy Sammy Sosa.

Even though Sosa is a bizarre dude, I really think the Cubs need to let go of the whole ‘Admit you did steroids then you can comeback’ schtick. It’s such a weird thing for an organization to do. Like it or not, Sosa is one of the five biggest Cubs of all-time. All last week, the Milwaukee Brewers trolled the Chicago Cubs with different tweets plus the weeklong sale of tickets to Wisconsin residents only. If the Brewers want to take a step further, they would bring Sosa to the ballpark as a guest of the team. This might be too devilish and trolly. But that would be so fucking funny.


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