Swaggy P Hits Game-Winning Three In Most Swaggy P Fashion

NICK YOUNG IF YA NASTY. Los Angeles Lakers are 8-7 thus far in this young season. Luke Walton has done a masterful job with this team. One of the more impressive things he’s done thus far is get Nick ‘Swaggy P’ Young to be a basketball player again. He’s having a great season. Young continued his run with a game-winning three where he stole the ball from teammate Lou Williams. Swaggy P felt it as he ran the curl off the screen and knew he had that jumper in stride. Young finished with 17 points.

The best part of this whole thing is he did the D’Angelo Russell ‘Ice in my veins’ celly, and that’s how we know the fences are mended with those two guys. If you can do the teammate who ended your engagement’s celebration, it’s all good. Walton has these boys on another level. Lakers play Warriors in two straight after Thanksgiving.

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