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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: Not A Fan of Lions Jerseys

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen some NFL pettiness go around, and our guy, Green Bay Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix weighed in on Detroit Lions new jerseys. For me, I gave them a pretty high letter grade last night, but Clinton-Dix saw otherwise. He

JERSEY GRADES: Detroit Lions New Kits

Out of the blue, Detroit Lions rolled out new uniforms to the masses. Lions did not change much from what they’ve done in the past besides add a full color rush gray uniform and go away from the black entirely. Detroit is bringing back the

You’re The Only Ones Left, Vikings & Lions.

These last few years have been tough on your boy. I’ve lost a lot of things I enjoy from sports in the past few years. When I say enjoy, it’s cheering against a team to lose and see the reaction after it. Let’s just call

What Does T.J. Lang’s Departure Mean For Packers O-Line

For someone who is a Ted Thompson basher, I wonder how this morning went for them. On one hand, they signed two tight ends to give Aaron Rodgers more offense than maybe since the 2010 season, and the other hand, he lost two interior linemen

Ranking The Best Packers Non-Super Bowl Playoff Wins

Someone tweeted out after Green Bay beat Dallas in thrilling fashion, ‘This is the most thrilling Packers game since ____.’ I thought about this for awhile and remembered how many bad losses that have ended Packers seasons were such good games. Like Arizona 2009, San

Aaron Rodgers’ Hail Mary Mindset

Jared Cook dropped a pass over the middle that would have ended the first half. I looked at the clock – six seconds on fourth down…. It’s Hail Mary time. Aaron Rodgers goes to his right and launches it in the air like he’s done

Star Ratings: Packers-Lions

Green Bay Packers-Detroit Lions lost some of their luster when Washington fell to New York. It meant both teams would be in the big dance versus the ‘win and get in.’ Packers struggled in the first half as Lions controlled the football. But as NBC

The Table Has Been Run & Packers Are NFC North Champs

Green Bay Packers were 4-6 at one point of this season. Aaron Rodgers met with the media before playing Philadelphia Eagles said ‘He thought the team could run the table.’ I loved the comments made by Packers quarterback. I wrote he made a ‘Jake Taylor-like

SnoTap Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. Detroit

It all comes down to this for Green Bay Packers. They win, and they’re in. If they lose, we’re probably talking about one of the more disappointing Packer teams of the last 20 years. Sure, if Washington loses, Packers could still get in with a

Did Green Bay Learn Anything From Lions-Cowboys?

By now, you’ve heard that Green Bay and Detroit will play for all the marbles on Sunday night at Ford Field. The game will have a significant amount of hype because it’s the biggest game on the Week 17 slate and carries the most weight.