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John Hammond Stays In Milwaukee Yet Questions Remain

Orlando Magic went through an exhaustive search for a president of basketball operations. Cleveland Cavaliers main architect David Griffin was thought to be in the running and same for Milwaukee Bucks general manager John Hammond. Orlando ended up going with general manager of Toronto Raptors,

What Does This Week Bring For Jason Kidd?

Milwaukee Bucks are in and out of the news since their playoff lost to Toronto Raptors. We’ve heard talk about their intentions to ink Jabari Parker to a long-term deal, and the desire to re-sign Tony Snell along with some unknown about what Greg Monroe

What We Missed – Bucks Season Ends With A Spirited Comeback

I’m back from vacation. If I had know that I would have WiFi in my room, I would have brought the blog to paradise. Anyways, I’m back and realize I have to teach the boys how to work this machine. Bucks season ended on Thursday

Bucks Buzz: Toronto Puts Clamps on Milwaukee Offense

The City of Milwaukee had so much excitement in the air. Bucks shirts were everywhere in the city. People showed off their Bucks pride all over town. There was a special sort of energy at Milwaukee Brat House on Saturday afternoon with booze and shots

Bucks Buzz: Toronto Lands The Last Punch

Milwaukee Bucks were in a house money situation for Game 2. They didn’t need to win the game as Bucks did their job in Game 1 getting the win, but if they did, the series is 2-0 their way heading back to Milwaukee on Thursday

Bucks Buzz: Oklahoma Where The Blowouts Happen

Milwaukee Bucks were due for a bad loss. I mean it had to happen, right? They went on a crazy hot streak where they won 14 games, and they had one stinker against a red-hot Golden State team middle of March. Even in that one,

Bucks Buzz: Milwaukee’s Hot First Half Buries Hornets

Milwaukee Bucks were coming off their first loss since March 18th against Golden State. They were facing a Charlotte Hornets team who had a last gasp at the playoffs, but Buzz City needed to beat Bucks. That didn’t happen. Milwaukee ended that in the first

Bucks Buzz: Milwaukee Stops Portland In Their Tracks

Milwaukee Bucks are still on the West Coast. They’ll be there until tomorrow when they finish it off versus Sacramento Kings. Milwaukee can have a winning West Coast road trip for the first time in forever. Their win tonight versus Portland had much to do

Bucks Buzz Vol. 64: Bucks Stay Hot With Big Second Half

Don’t let the Bucks get hot is what the ancient proverbs would say, Milwaukee won their fifth straight beating Indiana Pacers, 99-85, in an impressive victory where the team used a big second half to take down the six-seeded Pacers. This is Milwaukee’s third win

Bucks Buzz Vol. 62: Takin’ Care of Business in Philly

Milwaukee Bucks won two straight games, and they were going for their third against Philadelphia 76ers. Milwaukee lost two games to Philadelphia at home in January. That being said, this Philly team is much different. No Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel is in Dallas, and Jahlil