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Stay Away From Betting The Badgers

This weekend, Wisconsin Badgers get ready to take on the Michigan Wolverines. It is one of the big matchups in a huge Saturday of college football. Wisconsin is trying to avoid going 1-3 for the first time since 1990. Yes, that might seem crazy, but

Villanova Should Be Mad At Wisconsin’s 8 Seed

One of the constant themes of the Badgers 65-62 win over Villanova were Badgers fans exclaiming how they ‘were not an eight seed.’ For some reason, they all were miffed at the seed given to them, and the victory over the defending national champion proved

I Guarantee Madness For The Next Two Day

Let me guess, you were at the bar last night and said to your buddy or significant other ‘These two days have sucked.’ You wondered why you took off work for a day and a half or why you spent so much money on betting

Northwestern Beats The Buzzer & Probably Dancing

In one of the more dramatic games you’ll see in college basketball, Northwestern Wildcats caught a baseball pass for a layup and win over Michigan. Many pundits are saying the 10-win Wildcats are in the NCAA Tournament. No questions asked, they’re a lock to play

Hoopcap: Wolverines Late Game Run Revenge

Wisconsin Badgers knew their trip to Ann Arbor would be an uphill climb. They had to do without Bronson Koenig who missed last night’s game with a calf injury. Wisconsin tried to do it without him and hung tough for most of the game. Until,

Hoopcap: Northwestern Continues to Haunt Wisconsin

Wisconsin fans made have felt a shade of disrespect on Saturday morning when the College Basketball Tournament committee came out with their top 16, and Badgers were nowhere to be found. Truth be told, Wisconsin has a weak resume at this point due to Big

HOOPCAP: Badgers Avoid Michigan Meltdown

On Monday afternoon, I had a conversation with my favorite Badgers homer, Doz. I mean that with love and affection. But we talked about how Wisconsin’s schedule sets up very nicely for them to lose as he put ‘One more game the rest of the

CFB Bowl Picks: Friday’s Red Hot Picks

WE’RE FEELING HOT, HOT HOT. Yes sir, we look to stay warm on Friday. Another great day for SnoTap going 3-0 in all three games for both ATS and Straight up. That’s put us at 16-9 for the bowl season. That’s pretty damn good. I’m

Choose Your Own Badger CFB Playoff Adventure

College Football Playoff rankings will come out tonight, and Wisconsin Badgers are likely going to get the short end of the stick. The Associated Press rankings showed the first hand putting Michigan ahead of Wisconsin after their loss to Ohio State. The same could happen

The Awkward Success of Big Ten Football

2016 has been Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany’s dream. Big Ten is the best conference in college football by a long shot. They have four teams in the top 10 and finally overtaken the vaunted SEC as the cream of the crop. This is exactly