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Rodgers Hooks Up Lineman With Offseason Gifts

Green Bay Packers are going through OTA’s currently so everyone is back in the great state of Wisconsin including Aaron Rodgers. This is the first time most of this year’s team will get together and start gelling together as one. There are a few mini

Does Infighting Among Packers Organization Matter?

News came out yesterday from the esteemed Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Packers coaches were all pretty ‘pissed’ that T.J. Lang didn’t find his way back to the team. This isn’t surprising given Lang’s impact on the team, and most of the

What Does T.J. Lang’s Departure Mean For Packers O-Line

For someone who is a Ted Thompson basher, I wonder how this morning went for them. On one hand, they signed two tight ends to give Aaron Rodgers more offense than maybe since the 2010 season, and the other hand, he lost two interior linemen

T.J. Lang Ready To Break The Bank

We’re starting to see reports trickled out about how much money players are going to garner in free agency if they hit the open market. Packers right guard T.J. Lang is looking at eight to 10 million dollars per year. That’s a hefty salary for

PODCAST: Coming Out Of Bar Crawl Retirement

Tapping The Keg Podcast wishes you a Happy Friday. This week, the boys talk about Shamrock Shuffle, a premier event in Milwaukee. Charlie is coming out of ‘retirement’ to do a bar crawl again, we’ll see how it works out for him. Bar crawl heads

Mike McCarthy Puts His Nuts On The Table

A little history lesson to begin the blog post… y’all know who Lyndon B. Johnson is, correct? The former President from Texas would pull his dick which he named ‘Jumbo’ out if he needed to get things done. Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy

T.J. Lang & Packers Not Communicating Means Nothing

Green Bay Packers offensive guard T.J. Lang is the most covered free agent on the Packers roster. The question about if the juice is worth the squeeze for Lang is the biggest question for the Green Bay’s offseason. There’s no doubt about it. Ted Thompson

Packers Pro Bowl Selections Still Matter

Many people could look at Pro Bowl and say who cares? Pro Bowl turned itself into a meaningless game, and it lacked the importance that what we see with NBA All-Star Game or MLB All-Star Game. There are variety of reasons why the NFL all-star

Cliff Avril, Noted Nut Puncher, per T.J. Lang

There were some funny moments in last night’s Packers game. We’ll get to another one later this afternoon. FOX Sports told us the Walter Payton Man of the Year nominees this year for Seattle and Green Bay are Cliff Avril and Jayroe Elliott. Not more

Star Ratings: Giants-Packers

This is star ratings. A good way to break down which Packers played the best or the worst on Sunday. Let’s get into Green Bay’s 23-16 win versus New York. Five Stars Packers Offensive Line – It’s hard to give it to one guy, but