Ted Cruz Roasted Deadspin On Twitter… What?

Look man, Twitter is having a weird week. We had the Johnny Manziel to Donald Trump tweet, and now, we have Ted Cruz giving Deadspin the business. People will say ‘It’s a staffer’, and that’s probably true, but they need to get approval from Ted first more than likely. The fact Deadspin found a way to make one of the more creepy politicians in the last few years likable is another feather in the cap for the once-great Internet company. I’m not sure what happens after Cruz dunks on you.

Do you retire? Just say, ‘Hey look, Ted Cruz, one of the more uptight people in America, made fun of me and it went viral, I have to retire and think about my life. I’m sure he or she got really drunk last night and wonders if it was a dream. No, you did in fact get a facial from the senator from Texas.


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