The Nike SB Dunks Releasing Thursday Are a Packers’ Fans Dream

I am not a sneakerhead. At all. I’m fascinated by the idea of collecting shoes, but I do not get the idea of never wearing that shoe out. That said, the sneaker world appears to be going crazy for the Nike SB Dunks that are coming out on Thursday. They are the ‘Brazil’ shoes, but everyone here in the great state of Wisconsin knows them for what they are. Green Bay Packers shoes. They look like the perfect addition to any Packers fan collection. The challenge? They’re very hard to get and they’re pricy at 125 dollars. You will not get judged for these shoes in Wisconsin, rather, they’re the only shoe that works well with the green and gold.

So remember, how I said I’m not a sneakerhead? One of my bigger weird regrets is the time my mom won me a silent auction to get some custom shoes designed by a local kid at my school. He was a year younger and did some cool work. And still does it today, it appears he works for adidas and lives out in Portland. Check out the golden opportunity that you’ll soon learn about how I fucked this up.

My mom keeps bothering me that I need to put in my request to get these shoes done. The problem is I HAVE NO IDEA what to get. No clue about shoes. No clue about color schemes. So I settle for Air Force 1s that are bright fucking orange with white. If I asked to put an ice cream cone on the shoe, I could make the case they were ‘Chucky Creamsicles.’ But instead, I barely wore them and let them collect dust. If I knew the knowledge I have today, the shoe choice would be much different.

You can pick up the SB Dunks on Thursday.


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