The Return of SnoTap


Yes, my summer vacation is over. Why did I feel like it was time to return to blogging? To be honest, I wanted my return to bcropped-SnoTap.jpge at the start of August, but as things usually work out, they take awhile to get started again. Point blank, I missed the blogging game bad. But I also knew I had a shit site that was taking me nowhere.  We now have something a little better, and there’s an opportunity to make a little money. I’m ready to roll.

So are things going to be the same?

-My goal is to produce as much content as possible especially when it’s related to the Wisconsin sports team. I can’t promise I’m going to get to everything, but I want to be there for as many big moments as possible.

-Recaps will happen for the top sports teams in Wisconsin – Packers, Brewers, Bucks, Golden Eagles basketball and Badger football/basketball. The basketball one is a tougher one than the others because so many games are against cupcakes.

– We’re going to be a fan website. It’s one man’s opinion on how I see sports, but I’m never going to try and act like I belong in press row.

What will be different?

-We are going to add more pieces where I’m doing something dumb in Milwaukee like hot yoga or getting a Brazilian Wax. I want to create content to go along with what we’re doing on a day-to-day.

-I’ll probably head back into pop culture when I can and it makes sense. The same goes for politics. We’ll never take sides with that sort of thing, but we’ll clown people for doing dumb shit when sports are loosely involved.

– We also would love to talk to local Milwaukee establishments and places about advertising/marketing opportunities. Contact  and we can see about working something out.

– We used to have great contributors, and I would love to bring that back. to pitch me an idea and we’ll go from there. Odds are I will like you’re trying to pitch me.

Let’s get it started,

CEO & Editor-In-Chief,

Charlie Tritschler.

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