What The Hell Was Anne Coulter Thinking?

The only real pop culture from last night was the “Roast of Rob Lowe.” They had a few laughable moments with Jimmy Carr, Pete Davidson and Nikki Glazer were all pretty funny. Anne Coulter, the right-wing political pundit, found a way on the dais. She got absolutely roasted by every single person who stepped up there. Many people will come to her defense, but there’s no reason she should have been up there in the first place. Lowe isn’t some big Republican (He doesn’t adhere to either party). Apparently, Ann Coulter wanted to promote her new book, but her PR person must completely hate her to suggest to do this type of thing. All of these comedians licked their chops for an opportunity at one of the most controversial figures in 2016.

For those who think Coutler shouldn’t be subjected to this sort of thing, watch a roast one time for me.  Amy Schumer once made a Ryan Dunn joke at Steve-O.


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