What The Hell Was Macaulay Culkin Doing in MKE?

I have a lot of questions. Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin found himself in Milwaukee over the weekend. I’m not sure why Culkin was in Milwaukee, but he ended up at SportClub on Saturday night. The bar ended up showing ‘Little Giants’ which is a pretty boss move by the bar, and Culkin put on both his Twitter and Instagram pages. Of all the weekends, why did Culkin come to Milwaukee. Let’s do a little bit of an investigation… shall we?

Before we get to the obvious answer, let’s count out the fact his band The Pizza Underground was not playing over the weekend. We did not have any surprise performances from the band. The answer which seems obvious is that he came for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Yet that’s still unknown since he was in the bar on Saturday night. I guess the time doesn’t match up here since the picture was posted at 10:00 pm. That also counts out the Twenty One Pilots show at the Fiserv Forum. Debby Ryan and her 9M Instagram follows were there though. I wanted to do a blog about who was more famous, but I feel like everyone would have shot me dead for disrespecting Culkin.

To solve our mystery, it appears he did some work with Red Letter Media. They’re a wildly popular independent production company in Milwaukee. They have nearly a million subscribers and 340 million views. They’re a big deal, and they’ve done a great deal of popular parody videos. Caulkin runs Bunny Ears, a very odd website to say the least, and it appears they joined forces over the weekend.

Hope Macaulay and my new crush Debby Ryan enjoyed Milwaukee.


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